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Latest Fireball Reports From The ELPALLSKY CHATBOX 02DEC2011

Dec 1 2011, 11:05 AM Guest383 (guest):  
Carly. Berkeley, CA (west). 8am. something large with a long smoke trail falling out of sky this morning around 8am? I wasn't alone when I saw it so I know I am not going crazy... It basically looked like a jet with a gorgeous smoke trail in the sunrise. My cousin and I were admiring the beauty and then stopped in the middle of the street when we realized, "Wait! That is going straight DOWN...Not straight ACROSS the sky!" We were in West Berkeley looking toward the south/south west.  Thank you Carly!
Dec 2 2011, 7:26 AM Angela Davis: 
Anyone in the STL (Saint Louis, MO) area see what I did last night??
It was orange and big and freaky, Horzontal orange flash of light with a big brighter flash above it, then went away slowly wow,, I know im not the only one!!
last night in ST louis about 11 pm  Thanks Angela! Now we wait for other witnesses to write in.

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