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North Carolina Meteor Fireball 06:08 A.M. EST 02DEC2011

This Was A Widely Seen Event And We Need Additional Reports !!!
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Email From:
Phil M.-Wilmington, NC-06:08 A.M. EST:
Large glowing fireball, aprox 2 seconds, moving from NE to SW across the sky. Yellow, white then green in color with increasing sparks near the end then disappearing with a slight flash. Witnessed with a friend after our early morning run. I have seen “shooting stars”, this was much larger and with intense color.Thanks,

Kerry B.-Clayton, NC-06:08 A.M. EST:
Approx ½ in in diameter. White fireball with red perimeter. Observed dropping from about 120 deg above horizon to 50 deg when lost in treeline. Moving on a S/SW direction viewed from 35.652703 -78.400872. Approx 2 second view. Strong long tail that immediately disappeared. Maintained diameter from where viewed consistent with rapid altitude drop vs shooting across (away) the sky. KB – Clayton NC

Christy H.-Shelby, NC:
My husband and coworkers also saw this on the way in to work (approx. 6:10 am./ Dec. 2.) They were traveling on hwy.74 in from Shelby, NC toward neighboring Kings Mountain, NC. They described it as bright with changing colors, green orange, and blue.  Duration was estimated 4-5 secs. and pretty awesome because so many saw it.  Said it looked as if it streaked and then descended quickly.
Gayle-Grandfather Mountain, NC:
I saw something fall out of the sky at approximately 6:10 this morning.  I live near Grandfather Mountain.  It was blue/green and as it disappeared, it has gold/yellow sparks trailing it.  Do you know what it was???? December 2nd, 6:08am, Grandfather Mountain area.
Blue/green ball, I saw it for about 3-4 seconds, as it disappeared, it has gold/yellow sparks coming from the back end.

Pablo R.-Lillington, NC:
I witnessed this sighting on my way to work while I was driving south on NC210 in Lillington NC at 06:08 AM. It appeared to be large in diameter (between baseball and basketball).  It was big with a large bright white with green  tail and lasted around 5 seconds.  I saw it out of my driver side window and it was parallel to the top of my car; seemed like if I was driving along side of it.  It startled me because it was so close, possibly landed in my area; it was huge.

Jan R.-Winston Salem, NC:
I also saw what I guess to be a fireball Dec. 2, 2011 around 6:15 in the a.m. It shot across highway 52 and over the treetops, still flaming - yellowy-green. My first close encounter! 


WarRaptor said...

Yep, I saw this one too - Mebane, NC.

Anonymous said...

saw the same, I believe exit my home app 6am every morning, looking on southern exposure saw bright green fireballish that disappeared in a flash moving, N to S - waited to hear something - it was that large in appearance
DSK Durham NC

Anonymous said...

6:08 A.M. Hudson, NC I saw the fireball meteor going south on 321.

charlesmplyler said...

I was heading south and saw this from start to finish.I thought at first it was a helicopter crashing or a plane crashing. Pretty large at first and then it went from multiple colors red, green, yellow with sparking flashes to a solid white ball with a long white tail. It was crossing the the sky pretty close to horizontal with a bit of a drop moving east to west. Seen from 35.2741, -81.2670 NC. It lasted maybe three seconds.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I saw what appeared to be a fireball meteor at around 1 am in the west sky in Coleridge NC It was very bright wide and flashed partway. Never seen one like it before.

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