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Tennessee Meteor Fireball 30nov2011

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Lannie R.-Morrison, TN-5:29 P.M. CST:
seen what looked like a bottle rocket shooting across the sky from south to north, at about 40 deg. above horizon,  looking east.  at  approx. 35.5739  -85.93 ,at 5:29 pm cat. there were 3 or 4 aircraft lights blinking in the same area of space. Just wondering what it was.  I see 1or 2 green fire balls in the same area every year but they usually go from north east to south west. Just saying :)
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Mark Bay Area said...

California - Bay Area - 7:01 am
Saw a object break apart, falling in zip zag fashion heading down to Earth from above cloud layer. Have a hasty iPhone shot. Where do I upload?

elp allsky said...

Mark...Please upload your photo to wxtx01@gmail.com, and THANK YOU! I'm very excited to see this!

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