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Washington State Meteor Fireball 20nov2011

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Jim H.-Monroe, WA:

At approximately 3 am on Sunday, Nov 20, 2011 I observed a fireball in the eastern sky about 45 degrees above the horizon from my location near Monroe, Washington at 47.9 deg N, 121.84 deg W.  The sky was clear and a quarter moon was shining.  The larger constellations were brightly visible. The event was announced with a brilliant white flash with a duration of a second or less that illuminated the entire landscape for that brief moment.   The fireball appeared to consist of multiple, closely aligned parallel streaks of light that persisted for several seconds giving the impression of a large comet.  After the streaks of light faded, an oblong luminous pale cloud persisted, marking the location of the event.  Over a period of several minutes, the luminous cloud, spreading and dispersing across the region, faded and disappeared.
Jim H  Thank you Jim! OTHERS ??...email wxtx01@gmail.com w/ details. Thanks

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