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Montreal, Canada Bright Meteor Fireball 07NOV2011

From The ELPALLSKY Chatbox:
Nov 7 2011, 7:29 PM-Lori S.
Hi, I saw a HUGE Fireball tonight on my way home from work at approx 6:45 EST. I am in Montreal. I was driving East on Hwy 40, and I saw in the sky what appeared to be something crashing. I was talking with Mom and said to her" OMG, something is crashing!" It was travelling downward very swiftly: Right to Left (or NW if you will). It looked like a huge ball of fire. I could almost SEE the burning fire...I wonder if and where it landed. Amazing.
BTW: My posting is from Nov. 7th, 2011  Thanks Lori!  OTHERS?? Please post to wxtx01@gmail.com to confirm.


Anonymous said...

I also saw a large fireball type object falling in the sky last night. I live in Sheldon, VT (on the Canadian border) and saw it heading N / NW. My clock said 6:40pm. It sounds like I observed the same event as Lori.

Anonymous said...

I live in Santa Cruz, California (on the coast, 73 miles south of San Francisco) I saw a total of seven fireballs the color of light orange/yellow, fall out of the sky at at 6:20 am PST on Tuesday,November 8,2011. The sun was just coming up so the lighting made for a very good observation. I was facing S/SW and they seemed to fall over the Pacific Ocean at a 45 degree angle. I noticed a jet flying on an unusual flight pattern towards the fireballs. The sky was absolutely clear. it was so amazing and I would love to know what I saw. Anyone?
Thank You.

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