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Possible Large Green Meteor Fireball British Columbia, Canada 15AUG2011

Two Initial Reports Of A Possible Large Meteor Fireball Event BC Canada ~9:45-10:30 p.m. PDT 15AUG2011

Email From:
Horst U.-British Columbia Province, Canada:
Was searching for the subject event and came across your website.
I was at home on the deck. It was a clear sky; the moon had not fully risen yet.
The object came from North-west, and while going South-east ( away from me ) the angle of the arc increased, i.e. it didn’t stay at the same height. It took about 4 seconds for the object to go ( what appeared to be ) almost vertically down when it reached my event horizon. My house is 350 meters above sea level.
There was no streak or smoke trail & no fragmentation.
The fire ball was extremely bright; I would say 20 times brighter than Venus.
Years ago, the international space station flew by ( west to east ) right after sunset. The space station was about the same size but not nearly as bright as the fire ball last night and also the apparent speed was much slower.
I established the trajectory by plotting the angle the house sits with respect to South ( using Google map close-up ), and added about 10 degrees because the object when it crossed over was not perpendicular to the street line ( equal the deck line ). In other words, it went a little bit to the left.
I would guess that the object hit the ground somewhere along the yellow trajectory line ( see attachment ).

I hope my observation is of interest to you.
Your response is greatly appreciated.
Best regards,
Horst U

From Anonymous:
Did anyone see large green fireball lastnight? Around 10-10:30? Over East Vancouer Island. Look like it came really low to ground.

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Anonymous said...

We live in West Kelowna, BC, Canada. On Monday night, Aug. 15, 2011, about 10:56pm, my husband & I heard a very loud whistle-like sound outside our house. We did not see what it was. By the time we got outside, the sound had finished. It only lasted a few seconds but it sounded as if something had whistled by our house.

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