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BREAKING NEWS...UPDATE To 08Aug2011 Ohio Fireball Reports To ELPALLSKY... Ontario Canada Fireball Cameras Capture Possible Meteorite Producing Fireball Over Ohio

NASA Releases Ohio Fireball Data Indicating Meteorite(s) May Be On The Ground In Ohio

Aug 17, 2011, at 9:46 AM, Cooke, William J. (MSFC-EV44)
On August 8 at 1:22 Eastern Daylight Time, 4 all sky cameras belonging to the Southern Ontario Meteor Network detected a fireball entering the atmosphere 54 miles above Lake Erie (80.944 W, 41.945 N), moving SSE at 25 km/s (55,900 mph). Decelerating rapidly, the meteor was last tracked north of Gustavus (80.667 W, 41.411 N), moving at approximately 10 km/s. Altitude at this point was 38 km (23.6 miles). There is high confidence that this meteor produced meteorites, based on the following indicators:
(1) Deep atmospheric penetration (last tracked to 38 km altitude before it passed out of camera field of fiew. It certainly went deeper)
(2) Significant deceleration
(3) There was a doppler radar signature (KCLE) 2-3 minutes after the event, which indicates debris falling through the atmosphere
Darkflight calculations yield results consistent with the dopper returns. Calculated impact locations as a function of mass are:

1 gram: 80.5027 W, 41.3824 N
10 grams: 80.5163 W, 41.3379 N
100 grams: 80.5158 W, 41.2910 N
1 kilogram: 80.5074 W, 41.2440 N

Brightness/infrasound measurements put the meteor mass in the 10 kilogram range. Fragments are anticipated to be less than 100g in mass.
Attached graphics include a composite of the meteor as seen by the Orangeville camera, a map showing the darkflight impact locations, and a segment from the KCLE radar with the meteor begin and end points labeled.
It is requested that anyone finding fragments of this meteorite note the location of the find and contact this office. Please observe the wishes and rights of all property owners.
Bill Cooke
Lead, NASA Meteoroid Environments Office
EV44, Marshall Space Flight Center
Office: (256) 544-9136
Fax: (256) 544-0242
image above & movie below courtesy & (c) 2011 SOMN-click on image to enlarge

image courtesy & (c) 2011 NOAA-NASA-click on image to view larger GIF animation
image courtesy & (c) 2011 NASA-click on image to enlarge

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