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Bright Green Central New Mexico Meteor Fireball Captured by ELPALLSKY Sandia Sentinel Fireball Camera 04AUG2011

Central NM Fireball Captured At 03:56:50 UTC 05AUG2011 (9:56:50 P.M. MDT 04AUG2011)-Visual Magnitude: -6.5 Duration: 2.8 Seconds

Email From:
Todd P.-Albuquerque, NM:
Saw a bright green meteor while looking S. from my balcony in Albuquerque last night (Aug 4, 2011) a few minutes before 10 PM MDT.  Sky was partly cloudy with partial moon in W.  Passage lasted a second or more and went from NE to S where I could no longer see it due to clouds.  Was bright enough I waited to hear some kind of boom or sound, but never heard anything.     thank you Todd! The ELPALLSKY/Sandia Sentinel Fireball Camera captured the event in the following composite flight image and video. Enjoy!
image above and video below courtesy and (c) 2011 ELPALLSKY-click to enlarge-in image N is up & E is left

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