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Peyia Valley, Cyprus Orange Meteor Fireball 24JUN2011 ~00:05 Local Time EET

Email From:
Julie R.-Cyprus:
I saw a large orange red fireball as big as the moon.  It was visible over Peyia Valley in Cyprus.  I was facing south south west at the time and it was visible for about 4to5 seconds from me noticing it. Totally silent. Whilst I was watching it shrank to half the size in an instant but then it very slowly started a descent into the valley but then just before it disappeared it looked like it had exploded. Hope this info was helpful for your research. Please note that the time was Thursday night early hours in the morning of Friday 24th June 2011 and that this was Cyprus time.
Regards Julie R.     thank you Julie! Also forwarded to Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News Tokyo

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