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"Large Fragmenting Meteor Fireball 8:48pm MST Phoenix AZ 08APR2011"...NOT A FIREBALL AT ALL!

 Locals Mistake Arizona Skyhawks For Meteor Fireball(s)

Below are reports from in/around the Phoenix area about what was at first thought to be a large meteor/fireball breaking up as it dropped toward Earth. Turns out a local skydiving team tricked Arizonans AGAIN!!! For a sample of the night show they put on, click the above link and enjoy!

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Email From Desiree In Scottsdale, AZ...
Scottsdale az facing south.
huge trail of fire, then burst into smaller pieces that continued to burn and circulate (like fireworks!)  they kept falling to the ground.  We thought a plane caught on fire and was breaking apart!   
Email From Jeremy S. In Scottsdale, AZ...
I was taking a walk tonight in Scottsdale, Arizona around 8:48pm on 4/8/2011. I was walking south and I saw this fireball shoot through the sky directly in front of me heading southeast. The fireball to me did not look like a round object at all. It was more in the shape of a triangle. It then disappeared behind some large trees and as I ran to find it again, I saw firework like explosions off in the distance. When I first saw the fireball I thought it was a plane but the shape was so odd and moving much more quickly then a plane. I would describe the firework like explosions in the sky like fireflies in a jar!!!
APreC8Life Writes...I saw several fireballs on April 8, 2011 @ 8:51 PM. From my home in Scottsdale, they seemed to be over the Tempe, Az area, From my usual viewpoint, that too is the flight pattern to/from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. I first saw one and wasn't sure what I was seeing. I continued to watch and saw several others. It was amazing. They actually looked like balls of fire with tail trails.

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