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Breaking Meteor News...Possibly 2 Or More Major Green Meteor Fireballs Seen From Illinois, Indiana, Ontario, Quebec 10:30 PM EDT 09APR2011 To 12:50 AM EDT 10APR2011...

Mike Sullivan Writes:
around 11:50(April 9th) I was outside having a smoke talking to a friend facing west, when a basketball size green fireball flew right over our neighberhood and it looked like it went out and down just over the neighborhood, never saw one so big and close....Immediately yelled to my friend who was faceing east and pointed to the sky(ooh look!), she turnedaround in time to also see it, at first he said she thought it was fireworks, but no I explained to her it fell from the sky...sh was excited about getting to see it,I have been searching for it but no luck, however when I took my dog to the park and bent down to tie my shoe I found what looks like meteorite I think it may be from the one which flew over the nighborhood because the projectile location was on target...had to be a 300 pounder when i saw it... Mike, please e-mail a picture of what you found...wxtx01@gmail.com Thanks!

Maryville Illinois sighting
I was going for a drive and looked up at the sky to see what I thought was a shooting star but it was greenish and bright. It was about 10:30 pm saturday night aprill 9th 2011. That was the strangest thing I have ever seen in the sky.
My name is Billy H. From Maryville Illinois   thank you!

Jeanne M.-NY State E-mail's...I saw it around 12:45AM on April 10th!  Williamson, New York.  Thought I was losing my mind - had been watching Doctor Who on Netflix all day and I happened to look up out the hal moon window in our bedroom (facing north) and saw a green light streak roughly NW.  Woke my husband up and he told me to quit watching BBC sci-fi shows...  :p  It was amazing!  thank you Jeanne!

Gregory Maza-Ontario Writes...I was driving from Stratford toward Kitchener, (Ontario, Canada) approaching to the intersection of the Highway #7 and Trussler Rd. when I saw that beautiful spectacle. In about 1.5 seconds a bolide on my front/left (North-East) went down in straight angle (or close to 90 degrees). I checked the time immediately, 12:47 am – April 10-2010. It had fragmentation at least two or three pieces before reach ground (I sure it landed). It was intense yellow, orange and some blue and left a persistent train for about another 1 or 2 seconds, yellow to white before disappear in grey. Apparent magnitude close to -11. As I said I was driving in a car on the highway (windows closed), so no sound could be heard. It was amazing!  thank you Gregory...fine example of a good fireball report!

Elaine B Writes...Hi I saw it! I was beginning to think I was iminagining it until I found this..... Sometime during Saturday night live I was looking out my window and said to everyone "what the heck was that!" I saw a large green light shoot through the sky going from south to north.  glad you saw it Elaine. your location please? thank you!

Georganna & Ariana Email...My daughter and I were traveling East on Hwy 56 near Vevay Indiana. When we witnessed a bright reddish orange fireball. The fireball was traveling North over or near the Ohio River in what appeared to be a downward arch. It was amazing. This occurred at approximately 4:30 p.m.  Thanks.  thank you but is this possibly a typo? 4:30 p.m.?

First Response Ontario, Canada...Hi - my name's Darren Moore. I saw the same meteor tonight, about three hours ago, (approx). I was out for a bike ride, and quite honestly, had stopped in the large park I had been going through and went into the shadows away from the trail to 'take a leak'. While I was thus occupied, a bright green flash lit the area like daylight; I thought a spotlight had come on. I looked up immediately and saw a massive white ball traveling through the sky from SE to NW, right above my position. I am in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. There was no noise associated  with it - at least, not above mild urban noise. The park is beside a bay and quite dark away from the lit trail. A few minutes later, a loud rumble was heard in the NW direction - the object had 'gone out' before leaving my field of vision in an otherwise clear sky. Hope this helps - I've been googling for a while; glad I found your post.

If you could, please share other's stories, should you get some. I imagine you will - it was phenomenally bright - brightest I've ever seen. Darren, great report! thank you as this helps alot!

Dominic and Shannon, Elkhart IN Write...My wife and i saw the meteor last night  we were facing due west at 11:58 pm eastern time, it was a large bright white light with a green corona and left what looked like a debris trail when it was getting lower in the sky, it was traveling south to north. The most incredible and large meteor we have ever seen looked very large, we weren't even sure what it was until we found this site. Thought maybe we were the only people who saw it.  thank you Dominic and Shannon!

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***We need additional reports! If you saw this fireball please email me at wxtx01@gmail.com with details of your observation. Include your location, date, time, direction you were facing, direction the object moved (right to left etc. is OK) and how fast, color, any fragmentation or sounds. Thanks in advance!***

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