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Meteor Fireball Montana, Idaho, Alberta Canada 07APR2011...

Apr 7 2011, 3:23 AM
Guest609 (guest): hey i just saw something in the sky like 10 mins ago i live in havre mt its 3:22am here anyone know what it is...can you elaborate a bit guest 609? thank you.

Bonners Ferry, Idaho arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Meteor Fireball Havre, MT 07APR2011..." by searching for meteorite april 7,2011.
19:52:32 -- 2 hours 37 mins ago

Alberta, Canada E-mail...My name is Steven Rothweiler and last night around 10 P.M a friend and I witnessed a falling star while heading north off Stony Plain. I noticed your site asked for other sightings, I hope this had helped.  thank you Steven

Jon M. In Polson, MT Writes...I was indoors with the TV on, and still saw the meteor. I wish it wasn't cloudy, but it went in and out of view 4or 5 times. It was awesome. Incredible fragmentation, large pieces that had there own trains. It was a glowing train with parts breaking off. There were some clouds so my line of sight was a little broken up  thanks Jon!

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