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Large Bright Meteor Fireball North Texas 18APR2011...Captured By 2 Sentinel Cameras...

From Chris C. N Of Ft. Worth...
At approximately 3:35AM CST I saw something shoot across the sky seeming very close!!!
I am no professional, but have watched all the major Eclipse's, Comets, and meteor showers in recent history. North of Fort Worth, Texas while having a smoke I saw what at first I thought was possibly a bottle rocket (because it was seemingly so close and so bright) shoot from about 315NW to 60NE according to my compass.
Location: 32.960554,- 97.277376
I quickly realized it was either a meteor/comet/shooting star due to it's speed and seemingly straight trajectory! It had a long white and yellow tail with a bit of red, and disappeared from my vision before I could stand up. I searched the web for any meteor showers or news on activity in the sky, and just found your site. I have seen many celestials Mass's streak across the sky, but none so close and so bright and clear as I have tonight. I thought for a split second it may even strike the earth!!! (again that's how near it seemed)
I heard no noise and can't think of what else to tell u to describe it.
Please let me know what u find out, it was truly an awesome experience.

Glen Rose, Texas arrived from ask.com on "elp allsky: Bright Meteor Over NY NJ 18APR2011..." by searching for any reports of meteor monday april 18, 2011.
09:02:11 -- 5 hours 49 mins ago

Sandia Sentinel Cameras Capture Event From OKC and Hawley, TX 

composite image and forward scatter radar-OKC Sentinel
09:10:44 UTC-04:10:44 CDT

Hawley Sentinel composite image

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