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BC Canada "Fireball" Posted Earlier Likely Not From Space...Flare?

At roughly 7:45 PST 22JAN2011, a number of reports came in to ELPALLSKY and other meteor news outlets of a "glowing" ball of orange light over British Columbia, Canada. These reports indicated the event to have lasted many minutes leading us to believe, now, that this event was not a meteor. We will continue to monitor reports and try and get answers as soon as we can. Thanks, however, for the many reports on this and do not hesitate to post what you saw to this site. Thank You! ELPALLSKY

Information indicates a rescue was in progress on Mt. Prevost, Vancouver Island
at report time. More info as it becomes available...
Paraglider injured in Duncan-area crash
Times Colonist January 22, 2011 10:01 PM
A paraglider crashed into woods on Mount Prevost near Duncan Saturday, sparking a rescue effort from land and air. The man fractured his leg and had to wait for search and rescue volunteers and the RCMP to go to his aid. The rescuers called in help from CFB Comox, which sent a Buffalo aircraft. The plane dropped six flares to illuminate the area and rescuers got the man to an ambulance by about 8 p.m.

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