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Meteor News...Bright Green Southern California Fireball Seen ~11:00pm PST 22FEB2011....

From MG In California...
I saw a bright flare-like thing in the sky tonight. I'm sorry I can't remember the time exactly but it was close to 11pm PST Feb 22 or possibly later (ie 12am PST). At the time I thought it was someone who'd shot some kind of flare although I thought that was odd. I was taking the garbage to the curb. When I turned to go back to the house is when I saw this. I was facing South in Pasadena on East Claremont St. It was slightly to the left but just 15 or 20 degrees left of what we consider South here.   It was flare or firework like. Falling. Not as swift, fast, smooth as a typical shooting star. Bright. Green on the light side. It appeared maybe about 15 to 25 degrees up and vanished in 1 second maybe just above the horizon. I doubt it was a flare. If I can figure out the time better as I think about it some more, I'll let u know.
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