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Email Posts To ELPALLSKY Describing Large East Coast Fireball DEC28, 2010...

Here are some selected e-mails I recieved regarding the Dec. 28 East Coast Fireball Event...

From Anonymous:
I live in Gilbertsville Pa. I saw two white flashes of light that lit up the sky. Then a huge entrail that lasted about 2 seconds. After about a minute I heard 3 loud booms like something impacted the earth.

From Anonymous:
We live near Winchersr Va. My wife saw this from our car through the windshield. We were traveling NE and my wife witnessed a bright light followed by an apparent explosion, resulting in mutliple bright objects moving horizontaly in an apparent NW direction. I am posting our approximate coordintes at sighting below if you are attempting a more detailed location and/or path by triangulation. I would approximate altitude of about 30 above horizon.
39 52 N
78 08 W
From Natacha (Canada):
Hi! My name is Natacha. I'm from Montréal (Canada). I saw the meteorite in the sky yesterday when i rolled in my car on Jean-Talon street. The apparition during about 5 secondes. It was very, very weird...Immediatly I called my boyfriend.
Excuse me for my english, I speak french :)
ELPALLSKY Response...NATACHA: Il n'y a pas de quoi

From Anonymous:
I was driving west on rt 90 in Upton MA (south of Northborough) when I saw what looked like the bright white object falling from the sky with a long bright tail. After several seconds, the object turned from bright white to neon green. I had never seen such a thing. It looked like it was relatively close and was falling down toward the ground. It disappeared into the tree line. I thought for sure it had fallen in Worcester county somewhere, although for all I know it broke up over Canada somewhere. :)

From Rita Casady:
I was on R.I. Rte 95 heading SW about 6:45 p.m. in Coventry when I saw the "thing" breach the sky like a bright white light, from my left, falling to my right. I smiled thinking OOH, a falling star..as I started to make a wish, it actually turned green, surrounded by a coppery color and a little tail of color. It is the coolest thing I ever saw in the sky.

From Anonymous:
We saw a large flash of light over a range of hills while driving East on the I-76 in PA, just past Lancaster. We didn't know what it was! The time posted above is right when we saw the flash, but the hills obstructed our view of the source of the light. It appeared to be East/NorthEast.

From Anonymous:
While driving West on Rte. 9 in Hadley, MA. at approximately 6:50 P.M. I saw a large white fireball/meteor with a long tail suddenly appear in the sky coming in at a downward angle for a landing. It was in view for only a few seconds, but boy what a sight! It looked big and I thought it would have landed somewhere close by. WOW! 

From Anonymous:
We saw it! I live in Queens, NYC. I was searching for anyone else that saw it...that's how I came across this site!

From Karen:
My fiance and I traveling on 287 S. in NJ near Boonton Exit . Saw the metoer for a few seconds. Bluish green in color Brilliant bright long tail. Heading Northwesterly. Absolutely beautiful

From Brian Simmons Greencastle, PA:
I was driving east on US 40 west of Hagerstown, MD and saw a greenish white light in the ENE sky--light(s) like that of an aircraft, with the expectation that it was going to land at HGR (the local airport). It then exploded mid-air in fragments with the light quickly fading (unlike a firework). Looked like a cheaply done explosion in an old Sci-Fi movie.
My nephew's sister over on Maryland's Eastern Shore (Denton) also said she saw it when I posted to my Facebook last night.

From Anonymous:
I saw it in southern Midlothian/Chesterfield County, VA (US 360 & Swift Creek Reservoir) at 6:45/6 pm. It was very bright, greenish with a yellow train and had fragments come off it during the five seconds I could see it. I was looking ENE and the meteor appeared to be tracking from SE to NW just above the tree line. Very nice show and one of three I've seen in my area. I Facebooked all of the news stations here, but have gotten no reaction nor heard it reported. It'll get mentioned if they have video, I suppose.

From Anonymous:
was driving southbound on I-81 just north of Scranton, PA. I had been skiing that day on Elk Mountain. I looked up when I saw what I thought at first was a shooting star, but quickly realized that it was far from that. The ball of fire was amazing with a jet stream of purple, orange and white flame. I couldn't believe what I saw. My friend in the passenger seat thought it might have been a plane crashing because the fire was so intense. It seemed to be so close and certainly looked as if it was going to crash just over the next hill. It disappeared behind the hill and tree line but not before it flew in front of the car for almost 10 seconds.

We are still in need of video. Please post here if you have, know of, or have seen local TV video of this event. Thanx...ELPALLSKY

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