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Meteor News...Houston Texas Fireball DEC28, 2010...

A report has come in to ELPALLSKY of a fireball over Houston Texas Dec. 28th, 2010...the same night as the Large East Coast Fireball reported on below. Am trying to get a time for this Texas event and will post info as it is acquired. If you saw this event please post in chat or email me at wxtx01@gmail.com Thank you.

Diane of Houston TX Email's:
I saw a meteor last and it was amazing. wish I could have gotten video, it was an awesome sight.I had never seen one and now that I have I would love to see a shower of them. It was real bright and beautiful with a tail chasing behind it, so awessome. I saw it in Houston, Texas on december 28, 2010.

Diane...Please post a time and direction of travel for your sighting in Houston. Thank you !

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