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NE U.S. "Fireball" Reports EXPLAINED !!!

A number of "fireball" reports have been received by ELPALLSKY indicating an event occurring at 11:09 pm EDT on June 29th, 2011 from North Carolina to Pennsylvania.  This event was, in fact the launch of an Air Force Minotaur rocket from Wallops Island as shown in the video below...
E-mail From:
Elizabeth W.-Alexandria, VA:
Well, I think the MD fireball is just an observation of the launch of a Minotaur rocket from Wallops Island. The rocket was carrying the ORS-1 satellite. Launch occurred at 11:09pm. There were some (low) clouds in the area so it would have seemed to 'disappear'...
I viewed the launch from Alexandria, VA... There were several hundred if not thousands of folks  watching the launch from DE down to NC, so if there was an actual fireball, I would think we would have seen more reports...
And it was very red at first and seemed to disappear very momentarily which I attribute to low clouds...



my 'video'

Clear Skies!

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