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NASA-Sandia Sentinel Camera Network To Participate in "3-D" Lyrid Meteor Shower Study 21APR2011

Space Weather News for April 21, 2012

LYRID METEOR SHOWER: The annual Lyrid meteor shower peaks this weekend on the night of April 21-22 when Earth passes through a stream of debris from ancient Comet Thatcher. Usually the shower is mild (10-20 meteors per hour) but unmapped filaments of dust in the comet's tail sometimes trigger outbursts ten times stronger. This year's peak coincides with a new Moon, so lunar interference will not be a problem.  The promise of a good display has prompted NASA to plan an unusual 3D meteor photography experiment combining observations from the ground, a research balloon, and the International Space Station.  More information, observing tips, and live audio from a meteor radar are available on today's edition of http://SpaceWeather.com Browse the links for more information: observing tipsmeteor radarNASA chat3D meteorsLyrid video.

Editor's Note:
ELPALLSKY, along with a vast array of other Sandia Sentinel fireball cameras will participate in this endeavour. Results will be posted as they arrive on ELPALLSKY and may take several days to complete. Please bookmark this site for continued updates. Sign up for e-mail alerts or tap into our feed at http://feeds.feedburner.com/ElpAllsky


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