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Canada,Ohio Meteor Fireball 03DEC2011

From The ELPALLSKY Chatbox:
Dec 4 2011, 5:55 AM Guest171 (guest):
On Dec 3rd 2011 in Dover OH I saw a green meteor falling from east to west. The duration was around 3 sec. It had a long tail and was very vivid and beautiful. Jason Beachy

Dec 4 2011, 9:15 AM Guest701 (guest):
dont know what it was but it was over the middletown ohio area, it looked like three fireballs with a long trail of sparks that lasted a couple of minutes. at one point one would disappear and then reappear closer to the other two, never seen anything like it.

Dec 3 2011, 10:11 PM John Glanz:
Appox. 6:30pm to 7pm I didn't look at the clock, as we drove out in the darkend country due north we saw to the north north east a large fire ball which appeared to be heading North East, and we saw what looked like a flow of a trail (as if we were looking at the afterburners of a jet). We saw this in Ida Michigan, it seemed to be over Monroe, MI (but I'm certain it was likely way up over Canada. Has anyone else seen this this early evening? December 3, 2011 

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Anonymous said...

I work outside at nights doing commercial maintanance..i seen a bluish green ball just zoom in the sky, not only today 12-12-11 but yesterday night also...freaked me out

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