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BREAKING METEOR FIREBALL NEWS...Major Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey Meteor Fireball 04OCT2011...Sonic Booms Reported

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Images Above Courtesy and (c) 2011 Ken Christison-click image to enlarge
Hi Jim,
Attached are a couple images. First is the stacked image, consisting of 197
30 second frames. This image has been photoshopped a bit, by cloning
out some distracting automobile light trails on the road in front of our house
in a couple frames. The second one is the frame that contains the trail of
the meteor. It occurred at 4:24 AM eastern time. I was very fortunate in
that the battery in the camera went dead 2 frames after the meteor.
These were shot with a Nikon D300 with a 12-24mm Tokina wide angle lens.
I live near Conway, NC which is near the VA border and about 25 miles east
of I-95. Hope you find the images interesting.   THANK YOU KEN !!

Photo Analysis From Bill Cooke-NASA-MSFC-MEO-Huntsville, AL

From the non-star trail image, I was able to get a crude astrometric fit and obtained the following for the meteor:

time: Oct 4, 2011 4:24 EDT
Start Az, El: 331.8, 10.9
Flare Az, El: 342.0, 4.4
Last Az, El: 344.4, 2.9

Assumed location: Conway, NC (36 deg 26' N, 77 deg 13.5' W)


Doppler Radar Analysis: Dr. Marc Fries
[10/4/2011 11:14:10 PM] Marc Fries: radar hit shows up on Dulles NEXRAD radar, altitude is 18,000', location is 39.437473  -78.643898 comes complete with Doppler velocity anomaly
moving 41 kts away from the radar; a strong local turbulence signature:

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image (c) 2011 ELPALLSKY-Google Earth  click image to enlarge

Allegany Radio Corporation
Magic 100.5 Cumberland, MD:  According to Allegany County 9-1-1 officials at about 4:30 this morning folks throughout Western Maryland awoke to a sonic boom created by a meteorite that moved through the area. 12 calls were made to Allegany County 9-1-1 beginning at about 4:22 am from Frostburg to Oldtown. Callers reported hearing a loud boom and seeing a blue or green light flashing through the sky. County 9-1-1 officials from around West Virginia claimed they received calls about feeling the sonic boom from Carpendale, Capn Bridge and Wardensville. Early reports are that the meteorite may have allegedly crashed somewhere in Virginia. But Virginia Emergency Management officials say they have had no meteorite reports. NASA officials have been unable to confirm the reports at this point.

Email From:
Tracey-Southeast PA:
I was driving at 4:20 this morning in Montgomery County PA and saw it!!!! I cant believe what I saw, but a bright red tail with a bright blue/green body sailing towards the Earth! I thought it was aiming at my house but raced home to find nothing...thank God! What is it!? I have been seeing so much crazy stuff/signs lately! This one takes the cake! WOW!

Sandra K.-Newport News, VA:
I witnessed a fireball/meteor this morning at appx 0422 am while driving north on I664 in Newport News, VA.  It was the largest meteor I have ever seen and must have been close.  It was traveling east and was bright blue/green and flashed brightly as it appeared to hit the atmosphere.

Keri M.-Gainsville, VA:
At 4:25am this morning (October 4, 2011) I was facing northwest, I believe and saw a fireball going from west to east about the size of a soccer ball.  It had a tail of fire that was red and yellow and it sizzled. It was bright like a firework going off. The sizzling got louder then it disappeared.

C. Price-Sterling, VA:
Near sterling virginia, 4:25AM oct. 4 2011 i saw a huge green ball growing in size and brightness with a short fire colored tail of sparks.  It looked larger than the moon and then disappeared from view behind a biulding and then   the sky lit up with 5 green flashes.  It must have exploded, but i heard no sound.

Amanda M.-Cumberland, MD:
I saw your post apparently it was seen all over western Maryland as well

Winnie Z.-Germantown, MD:
I was out walking the dog at 4:10-20 a.m. in Montgomery county Md. On 10/04/2011. Saw a fireball with bright white and blue trailing , going from east to west….lower than a shooting star or meteor showers that I have seen !! Wow ! My husband was walking and saw the same thing. We live at: (address on file) Germantown , Md.

Rick M.-Loudoun Co, VA:
I was facing West while jogging in Loudoun County, VA.  Object moved left to right.  Blue/green/white body with light Orange to red tail.  Much bigger than the biggest star, maybe 1/4 the size of a full moon.  No sound, and it appeared to originate in the sky.  Rick M

Bill H.-South Anne Arundel County MD:
I saw a bright(extremely) flash in the sky this morning at aproxx 4:20 while walking my dog. I was in South Anne Arundel County Maryland facing WNW when this a ocurred.After the the bright flash(it lit the west river up like it was daylight) I saw a meteor arcing towards the north like it was coming down on the eastern shore of maryland. Thats the best I can describe it..................Bill

C. Pew-Salem, NJ:
I was travelling southbound in a car around 4:20 a.m. and saw a green fireball quickly falling from the sky and appeared to be going east to west. Originally thought it might have been some sort of flare or firework, but as it got closer to the ground started throwing off orange sparks just before it went below the horizon. Coolest thing I have ever seen.

Stewart W.-Colleen, VA:
Yes, my wife and I witnessed the fireball, this morning, 04 October 2011.
We were driving north on U.S. Rt 29, in Nelson County VA (near Colleen VA).  The time was
approximately 4:20 a.m.  My wife spotted the meteor, as it traveled in a southwest to northeast direction.  As I was driving, it was in a roughly at an 11:00 position to me, when spotted. I would have to guess,  that from when we spotted the meteor, until it ended, it may have covered an 80 degree arc through the sky.  It was visible for approximately 8 seconds.
When I spotted the meteor, it lit up the WHOLE northern night sky!  Even lower level cloud cover. It had a tail wider than a jet contrail.  Much wider than the International Space Station flyovers, that I've watched.  The tail looked liked smoke trailing behind it, it was so broad.
After watching the meteor for about 5 seconds, the fireball started skipping in and out of the atmosphere. It skipped I believe 3 times, with red sparks and bright flashes, as it reentered the atmosphere each time. Other than the sparks, I couldn't describe the colors very well, since I am Red/Green color deficient. Sorry!
Hope this helps!
Charles W

Donald S.-Gettysburg, PA:
This morning leaving for work at about 4:20 AM, I saw a big flash of light that lasted about a second. It was like a lighting strike without sound. When I looked in the sky I saw what I thought was a meteor racing across the sky east to west. It seemed quite large compared to others I have seen. I just asumed it exploded when it hit our atmosphere. I live just west of Gettysburg PA. If you find out what it was, could you let me know?

Ken S.-On The Road In VA:
4:22 OCT 4 2011  As I was driving on 70 heading west towards Fredrick the sky got bright for about 3 to 5 seconds in that time I saw a blue ball with a tail crashing down. I have never seen anything like it in my life.

Fred C.-Aberdeen, MD:
At 4:23 AM I was operating a southbound freight train near Aberdeen MD. on Amtracks Northeast Corridor. I suddenly saw a bright flash that I thought was an arc from the overhead catenary wires. Looking up at the southern sky, I saw a very bright object moving east to west trailing blue/ green lights. It was the most brilliant meteor/shooting star I had ever seen. Couldn't believe its speed and intensity. Awesome!!

Randall J.-Frederick Co, MD:
At approximately 4:20AM I was riding in a vanpool van in Hwy 340 in Frederick county,MD, about 1 mile east of the Brunswick exit. Through the side window looking west I saw two bright flashes of light, the second one being somewhat dimmer. The light was above a low cloud deck but the clouds where well lit up by the flashes. My first impression was lightning but it was too cold for that. I then guessed it was a transformer explosion of some sort on South Mountain. It wasn't until I arrived at work and heard other people from all over the area witnessing a fireball.

Claudio D.-Truck Driver:
I was heading south on i-95 towards dc around 4:30ish when I saw a blue flash( brighter than lightning)  followed by a orange tail going from east to west and desapering in the horizon...the whole thing probably lasted about 3-4 seconds but it was real cool!!!!

Dave and Melody-New Holland, PA:
This morning around 4 15 am I was sitting in a parking lot in New Holland Pa facing ssw,the light/light flashes I saw were bright enough to see them in my peripheral vision. The light/light flashes I saw were due west of my position,they were just above the tree line and it first resembled sort of a strobing effect, two to three quick flashes. No sound was heard, David

I live in Northwet Ohio. At about 04:24 hrs was was heading home when a saw a bright flash and then a big green fireball with a tail in the eastern sky. I see most reports were from PA, MD area.  The ball of fire was so big I actually thought it was only a few counties away.
Ptl Ken F.-NW Ohio:
I live in Northwet Ohio. At about 04:24 hrs was was heading home when a saw a bright flash and then a big green fireball with a tail in the eastern sky. I see most reports were from PA, MD area.  The ball of fire was so big I actually thought it was only a few counties away. I was traveling to the east. The fire ball moved from the right to the left at about 2oclock in the sky. before I found this site I actually thought it was only a few counties away. Not sure but I think it was a flash the first got my attention. It happened and was moving so fast.

Jack B.-South Annville Township, Lebanon County, PA:Traveling to work south on state rt.322 west, just passingthe intersection with state rt. 934  seen a white/blue flash at thehorizon in the southwest/western sky. Was low on the horizon about tree level. Frommy vantage point I thought an accident might of occurred at three mile islandpower plant. I’ve seen transformer explosions before---looked like it mayhave been the same. I’m sure of the time because I had my satellite radio on and after seeing the flash, I checked the time.

From The ELPALLSKY Chatbox:

Oct 4 2011, 5:05 PM Guest6 (guest): 
I seen this "meteor" thing approximatly 4:25am I was facing North in my vehicle.It was bright green with a tail. it wen out of sight behind trees then we seen it flash a few times.
Oct 4 2011, 5:07 PM Guest6 (guest): 
I was in Leland NC on Lanvale Rd and my name is tiffany

***If you are searching for information about this fireball and/or witnessed it, please leave a report of what you saw at wxtx01@gmail.com Please include the date and time, the direction you were facing/driving, the direction in which the object moved (upper left to lower right etc.) approximate size and brightness compared to a full moon, color, any flashes, streaks, fragmentation and any sounds or delayed sounds such as sonic booms, hisses, sizzles etc. Thank you! Your information is vital to research/recovery efforts so please take time to report.***  


Chuck cpricejr@comcast.net said...

I saw it too! About 4:20AM from sterling, VA near Dulles International airport (IAD) It was awesome! After i lost sight of it behind a building i saw the sky light up with five green flashes. Must have been a LARGE meteor or a small astoroid!

fsat said...

driving down 270 at 4:20 am about saw a huge bright colorful fireball come speeding down toward the right side of 270 south. I was currently under the influence of marijuana but now im sure it was real....

Karen-Charles Town, WV said...

I was out walking my dog this morning around 4:20 am in Charles Town, WV. The area was covered in dense fog and I could barely see around me, but all of a sudden the whole sky lit up through the fog. At first I thought it was lightening, but then I saw a bright white light and object moving downward in the sky and changing to red/orange/yellow colors as it moved downward and then disappeared lasting a few seconds. It was brilliant and beautiful!! Someone else at work in Frederick, MD also saw it.

mower said...

I was driving home from work at about 2:00am in Missouri and saw a BRIGHT streak of light travelling from the east to the west. Not sure this is the same everyone else is talking about but it was really low, really bright. I have never seen anything like this before in my life!

Anonymous said...

I live in Eastern WV about 2 hours west of D.C. I had just woke up to get ready for work when I saw a bright light out of my bedroom window. I thought maybe it was lightning but the light was much brighter than that. Then I heard a loud boom. I had no idea what was going on until I heard on the radio that people thought they saw a meteorite. Why haven't we heard anything about this in the media? From what I understand it hasn't been confirmed. I want to know where it landed or what it hit if anything.

Anonymous said...

I was driving to work leaving West Virginia and entering Maryland driving north on US 220. It was approx. 4:20 a.m. when I saw two flashes in the sky and then the whole sky lit up in a red glow. I thought might be lighting until I heard at work that it was a meteor. This was amazing.

Anonymous said...

We live in Western MD (Cumberland). I was lying in bed awake between 4-4:30 am and heard a loud, dull boom like an explosion. One of our interior doors shook for over 10 seconds. This was at 4:25 am: I looked at the clock right away because I thought maybe it was another earthquake like the one we had back at the end of August. Today I read in the paper that there were calls to the local 911 center, and that there was a very bright flash in the sky at the time of the boom.


I did not see it, however my fiance and I were awake and heard it and it also shook the house pretty vigorously. I am wondering if that was a sonic boom, or an impact...just that it makes me wonder makes me lean towards an impact...I have watched many meteor showers and seen some great ones and none sounded like this...I would have loved to seen the sky that morning as well! (ADDED 4-23-2012, AS I JUST FOUND THIS)

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