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Arizona Meteor Fireball 29OCT2011

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Chris-Phoenix, AZ-7:30 p.m. MST:
I just saw a completly red streakalmost dead west from my location low on the horizon appearing to gostraight down. The streak was long, if I held my hand out it was about3 inches long. It was also wide which was odd, it looked about 1/4-1/2"wide again measured against my outstreatched hand. It was there withwhat sorta looked like the same color sparks and then gone in under asecond.
It was the width that caught my attention. Also that is was all red..
Very odd

Kristi P.-Yuma, AZ:
Hello AGAIN!
Please let me know if others saw this!

Date and Time of these events: October 29th @ aprox 7:21pm
Location name (town,city) : Buckeye, Az (Watson & Yuma)
Duration of Event (seconds), Lasted maybe 4-6 seconds,
Brightness ( in comparison with Venus, Moon, Sun) color, sounds? Bright (almost like a firework about to explode then go out just before)and no sound. It was a bright white.
Photos? Videos? No photo or video
Happened in the Western sky.
Thanks for your continued contributions Kristi!

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Stephanie, Scottsdale, AZ said...

My husband and I witnessed an orange flame from our backyard travelling E to W in the southern sky approx. 8:15pm Oct. 29th. The flame was visible 5-10 seconds then went out for a couple seconds, flared up again, and then fell from whatever it was attached to. A second and third flaming piece fell immediately after the first, all three pieces leaving a trail of orange as they fell. We thought a plane had lost an engine because we could see the flashing beacon light on the aircraft, which continued across the sky, beacon flashing, never losing altitude. We have no idea what we saw, but it was quite exciting and was over before I could go back in the house for a camera.

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