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BREAKING METEOR FIREBALL NEWS...Major Green Meteor Fireball Seen From California, Nevada And Arizona ~7:50 P.M. MST 14SEP2011

Reports To ELPALLSKY Of A Major, Long Duration Green Meteor Fireball Over SOCAL And AZ...Captured On Video ~7:50 P.M. MST 14SEP2011


From Dr. Salvador Aguirre-Sentinel Fireball Network Camera ~500 KM SSE Of Event Occurrence...In Imagery, North Is Up And West Is Right
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Images And Video Above Courtesy And (C) 2011 S. Aguirre-Sandia Sentinel Fireball Camera Network-Hermosillo, Sonora MX-All Rights Reserved

Email To ELPALLSKY From:

Joe V.-Orange County, CA:
I witnessed the fireball last week during my lunch break at work. And yesterday again during my lunch 7:15ish I seen a huge blue green flash followed by a second flash in the sky. I was wondering if anyone seen the same thing. I'm in orange county, ca.

Kim E.-Scottsdale, AZ:
We r in fountain hills arizona. Just east of scottsdale. At about 7:45 this evening as we looked toward the south a huge, slow moving object moved across the sky from west to east pretty slowly and was the most vibrant green and yellows. We have no idea what it was. Assuming a satellite or meteor. Have any clues???

Sarah K. & Joseph P.-Las Vegas, NV:
My name is Sarah. My son Joseph (driving),  and I and my granddaughter were driving out of Redrock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nv at app. 7:45pm on wed. Sept 14th; Joe said" Look " we witnessed a huge green fireball shooting through the sky heading SW. It was totally amazing. It lasted about 5 seconds then went over horizon.

Lance-Las Vegas, NV:
Thank you for awesome website.
I was driving South on Town Center Drive and looked up to see a very large orange ball streaking across the sky with an incredibly bright green tail.  It flew over head for abbot three? seconds and then disappeared.
My experience was the exact same as the other Las Vegas contributors that were traveling South at the time.  An awesome sight. Lance

Masayoshi K,-Prescott, AZ:
This is the meteor fireball I witnessed last night when I was driving on Prescott Lakes Parkway to the south between Willow Lake Road and State Route 89 in Prescott, Arizona. It was 7:45 PM. The green glow was flying across my field of vision almost horizontally from west to east. It lasted for about 10 seconds before it went down behind a mountain. It was so huge that I thought it was a falling aircraft at first! I have never seen such a huge meteorite flying for such long duration.

Evelyn C.-Irvine, CA:saw a huge fire ball with long bluish white tail. I'm sure it was miles awa but way too big for no one to notice

Richard B.-Carlsbad, CA:I just saw a large fireball in the sky to the east. I'm in Carlsbad. I was walking east and noticed the fireball. It was traveling right to left across the sky. It was greenish in color and the front of it was orange. Like an orange ball with a green halo and tail. It actually looked like two fireballs right next to each other. I saw it for about 3 or 4 seconds before it went behind the horizon. I didn't hear any sounds.

Unnamed Reporter-San Diego, CA:
Sept 14   7:45 pm, Fireball item
- irregular shaped object, with a 12 foot +/- streak of fire following it, along the horizon arching easterly in Scripps Ranch, San Diego.     MCAS (Marine Corps Air Station)  or Miramar East  (east of I-15) is directly south of us, but what a sight!
Artillery? or Fireball.   wow!

Stephen K.-Phoenix, AZ:Hello,
Spectacular fireball across the sky just minutes ago, just a bit south of Phoenix. One of the coolest things I've ever seen!

Phillip H.-Phoenix,AZ:
Large blue green fireball moving south breaking up as it moved.

Jerry B.-Yuma, AZ:Witnessed a large meteor / fireball near Yuma, AZ at approximately 1950 local on 14 Sep 11.  It passed just south of the airfield headed west to east and had a bright green and white tail to it.  It lasted 5-7 seconds.

Laura-Phoenix, AZ:I saw a white ball with a tail of green & blue coming from the south, then it broke up in front of me until there was nothing left. It was less than 50ft above the ground at the end!

Unnamed Reporter-Coronado, CA:
I was leaving work around 7:47 pm driving south from Coronado island and saw a huge fireball heading what seemed to be straight down. It was bright orange and yellow at first, then turned to a darker more red color. It broke off into pieces at what looked like about a mile up and diminished over southern San Diego. It looked like it was right over 32nd street naval base. Didn't hear any noise or any accompanying booms.

Christina E.-Unknown Location:I was heading east on Santa Fe towards El Camino Real tonight at around 745p tonight and saw the most amazing fireball falling from the sky south west of where I was driving towards Manchester in the canyons behind Crest, probably appeared closer than it was so could have been further south. In any case it was a glowing green-blue fire ball trailed by orange-red gaseous tail heading down towards the ground. The most magnificent gift I could have ever seen.  I feel so blessed to have witnessed this.
About 15min later 5 police cars were racing thru Encinitas & El Camino blvd. Three turned west on Encinitas an 2 drove straight thru towards Manchester  heading south. Curious if they were looking for the fireball as this one certainly hit ground somewhere.

Stacey C.-Chino Hills, CA:My husband and I just saw a huge green shooting star type thing.  We were in Chino Hills at the Costco facing South and it looked like it was dropping to the ground from west to east.  We lost sight of it behind Costco. My husband was the one who first spotted it and he said it lasted several seconds.  When I saw it it looked like it had a green tail on each side but he said that when he first spotted it, it only had one green tail and then broke into two.  I'm really curious about what this is.

Unnamed Reporter-Irvine, CA:My husband and I witness this in Irvine, Ca on 9/14 around 7:50pm. It lasted for about 30 seconds and for what my husband it was greenish/bluish. I was lucky enough to see the end of it which looked like the ending of a shooting star (white tail). We were amazed at how long it lasted. We almost anticipated a loud explosion after it ended.
Do we know why this is happening more frequently? By reading others reports on here it seems as if we are waiting for something big.

Natalie S.-Twin Cities, CA:I happened to find your site cause I heard about the california meteor or whatever it was.
Interesting to see your posts.
I posted this on facebook so will grab my post
Flashing green light in the sky when I put my dog out at 11:30 p.m.. It ran from north to south, which isn't really a plane status over our house. When I had the flashlight out to watch our dog, I shined it up there, it was gone. Strange....  
It was a bright green light -- flashed and then gone.  I tried to follow it with the flashlight and it was gone, just like that!  I live in se twin cities, and the direction was slightly southwest of me, and traveling south.
I'm wondering if there were report of that?   Wierd to see the green meteor if that is what it was.

Diane-Phoenix, AZ:Hi, I do not know how I found your website, but, I saw a HUGE, beautiful meteor tonight in Phoenix and have been looking for info...wondering if u have any??? Thanks

Lena S.-Prescott, AZ:My husband and I where sitting on our couch and we got to see the meteor. It was awesome. We live in Prescott valley area. It was green when it was coming in. And when we saw it, it looked like it was heading towards Phoenix.

Nyle-San Diego, CA:I was browsing your site and thought I'd lend my short description of the event.
I was driving down I-5 south, just around Old Town/India St. at about 7:45pm when I saw what I initially thought was a missile descending from the east.
At first it was a bright teal surrounded by a burning orange-yellow. The orange-yellow faded shortly, leaving the teal fireball which slowly got smaller and smaller as it got closer and cloers.
It was great to see. I hope this helps.

Steve W.-Las Vegas, NV: I'm was driving on Rainbow Blvd headed south just past Russell Rd.. I saw a what I thought was a firework at first, but at second glance noticed that it seemed low traveling fast across the sky with minimal decent.. It resembled a meteor.. But it was an orange glowing ball with a green flare type tail.. It really reminded me of the green copper flame.. Some torch lighters have a little copper ball suspended in the middle of where the flame from the lighter comes out and the copper turns the flame green.. That's exactly what it looks like.. As if it were a large copper meteor..
Thanks...  Stevo..

Anonymous Reporter-San Clemente, CA:I was in San Clemente CA just entering San Diego County on the Pacific Coast highway heading south when I saw a meteor at about 7:42 pm local time. It was south at about 40 degrees elevation moving from west to east. It began as a red orange streak with a long tail moving slowly, but as time went on a green ball formed at the head. After about 5 or 6 seconds it flamed out and disappeared. My wife also saw it and she thought it might have been a flare, but we soon began to hear radio news reports that it was seen all over Southern California.

Christy R.-Phoenix, AZ:
I saw the green fireball last night and what really gets me is a friend of mine is telling me that NASA said it was space junk and landed in california. Im in Phoenix, and it was moving in a straight line West to East so how is that possible. NOT! It was very low and very clear and looked like a sideways moving firework because it was so intensely green but what really made it odd was the perfect straight line it moved in. Not even a bit at an angle like it was heading down. I saw the videos and they were way far away, what I saw looked very close, and bright and low in the sky.
Thank You
Christy R

From The ELPALLSKY Chatroom:
Sep 15 2011, 1:55 AM Guest773 (guest):
so glad i found this site,i live in rancho santa margarita,CA.1 hr north of san diego,10 mins inland from laguna beach, it appeared in the sky as a non moving ultra bright white lite,then it took off like a rocket, heading southeast with a very long and fiery tail then it turned to a superbrite green lite with an even bigger tail off of it...freaked me out, never seen anything like it...then i ran to tell my roomates and they jsut looked at me like i was nuts, cant wait to show them this site...aaaaah vindication!!! coolest thing i ever saw, but kinda scary

Sep 14 2011, 10:35 PM Guest637 (guest):  
We saw in in Chino Hills, CA. Huge bright and green in the sky to the South
Sep 14 2011, 9:38 PM troyd-california (guest): 
My wife & I seen it also, live in riveside ca facing east, it came from south going north east, it was huge, not like any meteor i ever seen
ok my friend in Lake Havasu seen it also and they also said they have never seen one that big and those colors,, anyone have any idea what else it could have been?? i trucked for 18 years, mostly nights, seen a gazillion showers but never anything like that..

Sep 14 2011, 9:24 PM Guest844 (guest)
Out my window in Claremont, CA, ~7:50PM PT, spotted an extremely bright and fast-moving fireball moving from west to east and increasing in brightness as it appeared to descend. Roughly 5-10x brighter than the planes flying out of Ontario airport. Brightest I've ever seen!
Sep 14 2011, 9:16 PM Guest789 (guest):
Saw a large meteor / fireball near Yuma, AZ at 1950 local. It passed just south of the city headed west to east with a bright green/white tail to it. Ive seen meteors before but never with the colors this one had
Sep 14 2011, 9:17 PM Guest937 (guest):
Gang, I just went out to check my mailbox and I was blown away by this. Thanks for backing me up so my family doesn't think I'm crazy....

Sep 14 2011, 9:14 PM Ashley Mobley:
I totally saw the fireball in Phoenix. I was driving south on 75th ave near peoria and it was to the south west moving east. It was green, moving so slowly and broke up into a bunch of pieces. Too cool!

Sep 14 2011, 9:14 PM Guest122 (guest):  
Scottsdale looking South. Looked like it was moving south east
Sep 14 2011, 9:07 PM Guest937 (guest):  
At 7:52 tonight, I saw the coolest thing ever, I believe a comet just south of my home in Phoenix. Anyone else see it? Please!
This was very exciting; I'm at around 40th & Chandler in Ahwatukee. 

Sep 14 2011, 9:11 PM Guest122 (guest):  
Yes I saw the phoenix fireball. The largest I've seen. Very awesome blue green streak.


chet said...

in rancho santa margarita, ca...1 hr north of san diego, mins inland from laguna beach. i saw this exact thing thats being described, freaked me right out. it first appeared in the sky as a non moving, very bright white light, then it took off like a rocket shooting an amazing tail of red sparks and flames, the object turned to an intense green colored ball and continued to rocket forward but down slightly till it was outta sight. i reall hope someone got this on video. never seen anything like it.

Anonymous said...

Tucson, Arizona: I was driving due West in the darkest desert, around 7 or 8 pm, and saw a huge fire ball flying from Northwest to Southwest. It seemed to last about a minute. The ball appeared to hoover a moment and then took off; the color was white and fire with a very long tail that tapered to white. At the end of the tail were sparks that seemed to last longer than usual before dying out. It was moving slow enough to track and as it traveled it lit up the clouds it went through. It never diminished in intensity: I lost site of it when it went behind a mountain.

Anonymous said...

I saw this Friday night (Sept 16th). I live just outside of Boise Idaho and was driving home through the country, pretty dark and little traffic, when I saw this same green light. It wasn't as fast as a shooting star and was moving in a northwest direction. It went behind a thin cloud then slowly faded away as it fell closer to earth. It was amazing, lucky to have seen it. I assumed it was a meteor, much larger then any shooting star I've ever seen.

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