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Republic of Seychelles Green Meteor Fireball ~18:30 Local 18AUG2011 Reported to ELPALLSKY

Email From:
Margitta B.-Seychelles
the 18.th of August, 2011
around 18.30 local time
– about 2 m above the housetop –
a green light (energetic mass) ball with little yellow light and some blue –
approx. 50 cm diameter
came from above
than turned from the left side to the right like a wave and was gone.
Location: Beau Vallon
My friend next to me saw the same.
Thanks to you – found the answer.
We were stunned – Margitta B     thank you Margitta! Your night sky must be absolutely splendid!!  Any security cameras which may have caught this? Let me know! Thanks.
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