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Coastal Washington 10:00 P.M. PDT 19AUG2011

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Keith O.-Grayland, WA:
Good morning, My two boys and I were marveling at the clear Summer evening sky on the coast of Washington State. We are at Grayland State Park just about 5 miles South of Westport. I was looking directly West and saw an intensely bright white light that lasted less than a second. It was not travelling left to right or right to left. It just looked like a super bright star  that appeared and then disappeared just as fast. It provided me a profound sense that I am just a minuscule part of this universe and I also hoped it was a sign of good luck. Any idea what this might have been? It wasn’t a fireball and the color of the light was the same as the stars in the sky that night.     thank you Keith. This was likely an Iridium (communications satellite) flare which can be magnitudes brighter than Venus (-4 visual magnitude) on occasion. IF's can sometimes reach a visual magnitude of -8!

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