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Large Multi-State Blue/Green Meteor Fireball Bolide South Dakota, North Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Minnesota and Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Canada 23AUG2011

Weird lights flash across night sky Tuesday 23AUG2011

ALEXANDRIA, Minn. - Did you see something unusual streaking across the sky Tuesday night? You’re not alone. By: Al Edenloff, The Dickinson Press
ALEXANDRIA, Minn. -Echo Press reader Brian Alvstad posted this on the newspaper’s Facebook page Wednesday: “Find out what the heck that meteor or asteroid or comet was that flew in the sky around 9:45 last night [Tuesday]...it was green and...MORE HERE

Massive Long Duration Bolide Streaks Through Sky From Central US to Southern Canada...If you saw this event, please continue to send your detailed observations to wxtx01@gmail.com This is a major event and we need as much eyewitness data as possible. If you have video or photographs of this event, meteor scientists need to see so please send them along as well. Thank you !!

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