1:24:00 PM


Rick K.-Plainfield, IL...25JUL2011 10:10pm CDT:
Witnessed a smaller fireball in the western sky over Plainfield IL around 10:00pm July 25th.
It had 3 small bursts until it disappeared. The fire ball was going north to south. Thanks     thank YOU Rick!

John & Deirdre-Chesterton, IN...26JUL2011 9:30pm CDT:
I saw a large metor located in the Eastern sky falling to the North. It had a large trailing tail and white in color. It seemed to last for a good 8 to 10 seconds before it burned out.     many thanks John & Deirdre!

Kim B.-Galion, OH...26JUL2011 9:44pm EDT:
While searching the west sky for comet Elenin, in leo...at around 9:45pm, a very bright fireball lite up the sky, entering in through the big dipper, streaking passed Regulus, falling at the SW horizon. We have seen several very bright ones over the past week. Glad I found the web site while looking for information on it. Kim *~     glad you took time to report Kim. Thank you!

Linda S.- Gilmer, TX...24JUL2011 9:20pm CDT:
I was in the parking lot of our local Wal-mart and saw a big, bright, object falling from the sky. I've seen falling stars before, but this appeared to be VERY close, because it was so big. It fell straight down, in a brilliant white light that appeared to burn out before it hit the ground. Just thought I would share this with you.      thank you Linda!

Brian S.-Northern Indiana:
Tuesday July 26th approx 2130 CST
Looking North-East in a dark country setting in backyard, nominal cloud cover, clear sky otherwise. Continued observation for 30 minutes, no other sighting. Multiple commercial Aircraft in area, O'Hare International Flight Pattern Area.
GPS location 41°31'N 86°38'W viewing angle approx 45° NE with elevation of approx 60°
Movement: South to North
Size: golfball
Color: bright white streak with some yellow, bright enough to illuminate behind thin, partial cloud cover
Length of streak: 25 to 30 feet
Duration 5 to 10 seconds           OUTSTANDING report Brian, thank you!!

Corky C., Sabine E., and Lisa S.-Truckee, CA
On Saturday July 23, 2011, 3 of us were sitting outside on our deck looking up at the Milky Way and all the other objects in the night sky. Sometime around 11:30 pm we all saw a very bright meteorite (fireball if you will), traveling from what appeared to be northwest horizon to the southeast horizon, in the northern sky (coming from near the Big Dipper). Our location is Truckee, California, elevation 5,912 feet, and the weather conditions that night were extremely clear, with no wind, smoke or anything else to affect the clear sky. The object made a very bright white trail behind it, and didn't explode like other fireballs (maybe space junk, huh?) that we've seen. It was very spectacular! We hope this helps in your research.  Corky, Sabine, and Lisa, excellent report! Our thanks.

***If you observed any of the above events...we want to know (and those who reported would probably like confirmation as well!). So please email us at wxtx01@gmail.com with a description of what you saw and we'll post your report here too! Thank you!***

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