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Multiple Ontario Canada Meteor Fireballs? 14JUL2011

Report To ELPALLSKY From A Reader In Ontario, Canada of 3 bright fireballs in a short amount of time.
If you observed this/these event(s), please submit a report to wxtx01@gmail.com with your observation. Thank you.
E-mail From:
P. Stowe-Ontario, Canada:
As I entered my backyard at approximately 9:45, I saw the first fireball of 3 that appeared over Burlington, Ontario, Canada within a 15 minute span.
All 3 fireballs were extremely bright red/orange and moved from West to North in the sky. From my standpoint, they were all quite large in comparison to any shooting stars that I have ever seen, and definitely moved much slower. I actually ran inside, got my camera and tried to film them, with very little success. I did get some very blurry shots, however, nothing that helped me to identify the objects.
If anyone knows what these fireballs are, I would love to hear from you.
I am always watching the sky hoping to see something amazing...and tonight it happened.
PMS :)

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