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Los Angeles, Green CA Meteor Fireball 24JUL2011 Reported To ELPALLSKY

Eyewitnesses Report Fireball Over SO CAL As Bright Enough For Many To Have Seen...~01:00 a.m. PDT 24JUL2011...May Have Also Been Seen In Montebello, CA...

Email From:
Stanley B.-L.A. Metro Area, CA
Early Sunday morning on July 24 2011 at around 1am, my wife and I noticed what appeared to be a fireball in the sky. We were heading west on the 210 freeway and the weather was clear. The object in my perspective was lower than an airplane. The object was moving eastward at a consistent speed. I'm pretty sure others saw the object because of the traffic due to road construction. I would really like to know what my wife and I saw... This isn't the first time I've seen something going on in our skies.
Location and time of event: 210 westbound around the city of La Vern California at around 1am. The color was orange like an ember from a fire. It wasn't as bright as a full moon. We would say it was as bright as an airplane light when it is approaching it's landing and the size of it was about the of a UPS truck. There was no fragmentation. Also it wasn't moving that fast. It also seemed to be lower than what an helicopter would be flying. Please keep us informed and thank you for responding back to us!
Please contact me if you have any questions or answers. Thank you.   Thank you Stanley & Mrs. B.! Hope others will report as well.

Anonymous-Near L.A.:
I was driving east on i4 near plant city and at exactly 1:11 a.m. I saw the curious green shooting star. It looked as if it were headed straight for the ground. Kind of strange seeing as how N.A.S.A. JUST shut down. I've never seeing a "shooting star" like that one. It was tilted to the left. Definitely a streak behind it. No noise. Just a very very vibrant green below it. It was almost as if it happened in slow motion. If any info comes up, I'm extremely interested. Thanks!!     thanks for the confirmation! Other reports??? Is it possible this was seen by traffic cams? Let us know!

FITS Inquiries:
Montebello, California arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Bright Exploding Meteor Fireball Over North Texas 24JUL2011" by searching for fireball over 210 freeway July 24 2011.--01:40:05 -- 1 hour 40 mins ago

San Ramon, California arrived from google.com on "elp allsky" by searching for fireball in the sky 2011.--03:49:03 -- 4 minutes ago

...Additional reports of this event are needed! If you are searching for information on this fireball and saw it, please be kind enough to e-mail a description of what you saw to ELPALLSKY. As always, if you have or know of pics/video of this event, send those along as well as others would like to see what you did!. Thank you!...

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