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Bright California Meteor Fireball 12JUL2011

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Kellie R.-Lindsay, CA:
Hi, I live in central california, the citrus belt of ca.  On tuesday july 12, 2011, my husband, myself and two children were returning home from spraying weeds at one of oyr ranches.  It was about 9:15 pm, I looked out of the window and saw this huge red fireball slowly falling, it was already in our airspace, I told my husand to look, my children did as well, we were all in awe as to what it was.  It was huge, definately way too large to be flare gun or firework gone bad, we continued t ok watch,i told my husband to stop so I could take picture, but by time we stopped it was just above tree line of orange tree at top.  It was huge and fell in a north easterly direction, so we got home about two mins later, my son and I went looking to see if it crashed somewhere.  Yes it was very close.  We are farming communities out here, about 15 mins later, isaw three planes flying around and a helicopter with its search lite towards the ground looking.  While driving around my son and I noticed people outside looking up, driving around.  You got to help us out here was it a meteor.  We still keep thinking about this event.  Kellie R.

Ray Ray-California:
me and my brther were walking down the street just a few minutes ago and saw a green streak of light fall to the grond     Ray Ray...Please send additional details of what you saw to wxtx01@gmail.com and thanks!

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