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UPDATE...OKC Meteor Fireball Reported 04JUN2011 Confirmed By Sentinel Fireball Camera Capture

Oklahoma City All Sky Camera Operator James Beauchamp Confirms Reported Fireball...Composite Image and Video Below...Time: 04:15:20 UTC 05JUN2011 (11:15:20 CDT 04JUN2011) 
Email From:
Date of sighting: June 4, 2011
Time: between 11pm and 12am (June 5) Central Standard Time
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma...
I was facing northwest and witnessed a large blue/white light moving in a downward left to right direction. Object was seen for about 3 seconds (1-1000,2-1000, 3-1000 counting) before it looked to have burned out or left the atmosphere. It was much brighter than the stars, about the same brightness as the moon that evening.      thank you Lauryn...here is what you saw!
image courtesy James Beauchamp-OKC Sandia Sentinel Fireball Camera Network

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