9:53:00 PM

Oklahoma Meteor Fireball Reported 04JUN2011

Kim G.-Edmond, OK:
I saw large -very large -blueish white trail- with blue glow, fall in western sky over edmond oklahoma around 11:30pm central time. Lasted 5-10 seconds, went west to northwest at 45• angle - seemed to burst into flames of the most magnificent blue i had ever seen. I thought it was a plane falling from sky, it was so dramatic. After it entetered earths atmosphere was when it exploded & lit up like a blue fireball-as big as a plane ( by comparison)-no sound- disappeared after white & blue explosion. Breathtaking!

 ***If you saw this fireball event, please e-mail wxtx01@gmail.com with a description including time, date, location, which way you were facing, direction object traveled (right to left etc. is OK), color, any fragmentation or extremely bright flashes, and any sounds heard i.e. booms, hisses etc. Thank you for your report***

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