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Breaking Meteor Fireball News...Large, Bright Fireball Bolide S GA Captured By Sandia Sentinel Fireball Camera 15JUN2011

Sandia Sentinel Camera At Red Barn Observatory In Ty Ty Georgia Detects And Images Fragmenting Fireball 05:19 EDT (09:19 UTC) 15Jun2011

image courtesy Steve Farmer-Red Barn Observatory Ty Ty, GA-Sandia Sentinel Fireball Camera Network

Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida Meteor 15JUN2011
Neon Blue Markers = Meteor/Meteorite News Reports
Red Markers= AMS Sighting Reports
Blue Circle Marker= Sentinel Allsky Camera Capture
Red Circle Marker indicates camera NOT capturing
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***If you witnessed this fireball, please email wxtx01@gmail.com with details. Please include time, date, your location, which way you were facing, direction the object traveled (left to right etc.), color, any fragmentation, sounds (booms, sizzles, hisses etc.). Thank you!***

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