3:55:00 AM

Possible Fragmenting Ohio Meteor Fireball 07MAY2011...

***Additional reports of this event are needed for confirmation. If you saw this fireball, email wxtx01@gmail.com with details of your sighting. Thank you!***

Email From Ohio:
Yes!! Hi. We live in Van Wert Ohio. My fiance yelled for me to come outside around 10pm. He was very excited about something.When I reached the doorway I looked up and saw a ball of fire moving from the west to the east. It was just above some of the cloud cover. There were two that I could see. Odd thing was they were moving slowly. And I noticed a tail of fire off of them. Then what happened next scared us both. One moved very swiftly to the left then far to the right. Then directly back to the middle path it was following. I then left to go get my son. I have never seen anything like this.And I happen to love the night skies and what they have to offer. This was scary for us both. My fiance said there ended up being three of them and they kept traveling east. Does anyone know what they were? Or did anyone else see this?

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