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Breaking Meteor News...Bright Meteor Fireball Bolide Just East Of Oklahoma...Possible Space Debris Reentry?...Captured On Two Cameras 07MAY2011...

Long Duration Meteor Fireball Bolide From Ohio To Oklahoma...Possible Space Debris Reentry?
02:23:56 UTC 08MAY2011 - 9:23:56 p.m. CDT 07MAY2011

Eyewitness Reports Needed!! E-mail wxtx01@gmail.com
If you saw this event. Please provide date, time, location, direction you were facing, direction object moved (right to left etc. is ok), duration, color, brightness compared to a full moon, and any sounds i.e. booms, hissing etc. Thank you!

Email From Midwest City, OK Meteor Fireball 9:24 CST 7MAY2011
We live in Midwest City, OK, near Oklahoma City USA.
We witnessed the meteor at 9:24 this evening while we were sitting on our porch.
It lasted maybe 15 seconds. It was brightly colored - yellow,orange,red and blue (the tip
of the meteorite was blue). We didn't hear any sounds. We were facing east . The meteor came from the north and headed south and downward. It was obscured by a tree for a moment
Video and Composite Image From OKC Sandia Sentinel All Sky Fireball Camera
click image to enlarge

Video and Composite Image From Hawley, TX Direct View Camera Looking North Toward Oklahoma City (roughly center frame)
click image to enlarge

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