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UPDATE...07APR2011 Montana Fireball Bolide Captured On Radar...

Radar Data Suggests A Major Bolide Meteorite Fall Over Northern Rockies

by: ELPALLSKY 14APR2011...
Radar expert Dr. Marc Fries concludes that... "Either this event produced one hell of a fall, or we’re looking at debris from a de-orbited satellite."

MT 07 Apr 2011 0917 UTC 
This event was, by all accounts, a spectacular fireball that most people missed because it occurred around 3am local time. The small number of eyewitnesses, to include an airline pilot at 38,000′, describe a long-lasting and relatively slow fireball. Two people report that it generated five separate...
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images below courtesy Dr. Marc Fries and NOAA-NWS
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