2:41:00 AM

Florida-Gulf Of Mexico Meteor Fireball 13APR2011...

Venice, Florida arrived from google.com on "elp allsky: Breaking Meteor News...Large Green Gulf Fireball 6:00 am EST 25JAN2011..." by searching for Shooting Star over Gulf of Mexico.
02:31:34 -- 7 minutes ago

***If you saw this fireball event, please e-mail wxtx01@gmail.com with a description including time, date, location, which way you were facing, direction object traveled (right to left etc. is OK), color, any fragmentation or extremely bright flashes, and any sounds heard i.e. booms, hisses etc. Thank you for your report***


Anonymous said...

Friday night about 10:30ish saw HUGE fireball NW of Pasco County, west central Florida heading downward into Gulf of Mexico. It was really really big and spitting trail of fire behind it. Lit up the NW sky after it disappered behind the horizon. I was waiting to hear a big thump or something but never did.

wompwomp said...

Heading south on us hwy 19 at about 10:30-10:45 ish in hudson fl out of my passenger side window was an enormous fireball with a very large trail of flames and sparks behind it. It was bright orange and white it seemed. It was heading downward at a 45 degree angle towrd the right (looking out of my passenger side window) it seemed as if it started to explode as it went passed my view. I anticipated a boom or thud in the ground but never heard anything. No one else I know seen it :(

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