2:31:00 AM

Central TX-College Station Green Meteor Fireball 22APR2011...

Austin, Texas arrived from google.com on "elp allsky:" by searching for meteor large falls austin, tx april 22 2011. -- 17:02:07 -- 8 hours 21 mins ago

E-mail From Cody W.... i live south of dfw in glen rose last night at 10:20 i saw a huge green/blue fireball in the southern sky it was traveling west to east it was like nothing i have ever saw i was actually bracing for an impact it looked so close

***Please email wxtx01@gmail.com if you saw this event. Include date, time, location, direction you were facing, direction fireball traveled (left to right etc. is OK), color, brightness (as compared to full moon) height above horizon, and any fragmentation or sounds. Thanks!***

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