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Meteor News...Central Georgia Meteor Fireball 02APR2011...

Kirk In Perry, GA Writes...
I saw a bright white/pale yellowish fireball last night (Apr 2nd 2011)
for only seconds in Perry, GA.  Was outside looking West.  Not sure of
the exact time. I'd guess around 8:00 - 8:30 pm.  Too big and too low in
the sky to be the "shooting stars" I've seen before.  It was a round ball
of fire with a wide tail travelling straight down. thank you Kirk!

This event may also have been witnessed from South Carolina...see
Meteor News...Large Bright South Carolina Meteor Fireball 02APR2011...

***Readers...(especially in the Columbus, GA area)...if you saw this event please send a description of what you observed including your local time, location, which way you were facing, movement of object (right to left etc. is ok), duration, color, and any sounds to ELPALLSKY Thank you!

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