10:17:00 AM

Breaking News...NASA All Sky Cameras Capture AL, GA, TN, SC Bright Fireball 06APR2011

Preliminary Composite Of Bright Fireball From NASA MEO MSFC Huntsville, AL
NASA..."Confirmed - very bright event; end point below horizon from both Tullahoma and Chickamauga. Orbit/trajectory in couple of hours. Vids to follow."

image courtesy Bill Cooke- NASA Meteoroid Environment Office-Marshall Space Flight Center-Huntsville , AL

witness reports (c) 2011-courtesy Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News-Tokyo, Japan-Google Earth

Email from Bill Butler NE Alabama...
I am a fifty eight year old man who lives on Keel Mountain (Jackson County)
in Northeast Alabama. Sometime around 8:30 last night I took my dog out for
her nightly walk and in the east northeast horizon I saw a large extremely
bright light that had a rather short very bright tail. As soon as I saw it
and because of its size and brightness I thought it was either a meteorite
or large space junk. Bill Butler

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