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ANOTHER?...YES! ANOTHER Fireball Bolide Italia 18FEB2011...

The Italians are certainly being shown great favor by the Meteor Gods...
The Italian Meteor and TLE Network has captured spectacular video of yet another bright fiery bolide descending through Italy's little piece of the atmosphere. This event (pictured below) lit up the sky over Ferrara at 18:23:42 UTC 18FEB2011. This is the IMTN's fourth bolide capture in a 10 day period...one each on the 8th, 10th, 12th, and now today the 18th. By Far, the highlight of this recent activity came at 23:24 UTC on the 8th (article)...http://elpasoallsky.blogspot.com/2011/02/major-breaking-meteor-newssuperbolide.html
(c) 2011 Ferruccio Zanotti-IMTN
(c) 2011 Ferruccio Zanotti-IMTN
 To see a video of this event, visit Worldwide Meteor/Meteorite News

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