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California Meteor Reported to ELPALLSKY Jan 10 2011, 10:27 PM
Guest299 (guest): 1/10/11 San Clemente, CA at about 8:45 pm I saw a bright very fast object move through the sky. It had a trail like fire behind it. AMAZING I have never seen anything like this.
Jan 11 2011, 10:22 AM Guest599 (guest): 1/10/11 around 9:45 PM, we were driving down the Silver Creek hill in San Jose, CA. It was a HUGE round red/white ball with a long tail. It was way bigger than a regular "shooting star" in the sky. I'm surpised I haven't been able to find news reports on it.
Jan 11 2011, 10:46 AM Guest1 (guest): I live in Santa Cruz, CA and last night about 9:15ish I was out side walking to my car when my 8 year old son and I saw what looked like a bright green falling star. It went over the house and we watched it until it was obscured by the houses across the street. It was amazing. It sounds to me like a bolide meteor. Do you know how I can research the sighting? I would like to know if anyone else saw it. I noticed guest 559 from San Jose posted something similar. Santa Cruz is very near San Jose. I wonder if we saw the same thing?

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