8:16:00 PM

Breaking Meteor News...Large Bright Fireball Event IN OH MI 19Jan2011...

READERS...Report times on this site may conflict by 1 hour as some counties in Indiana are CST and others are EST... 

Inquiry Internet Traffic Continues Streaming In To ELPALLSKY...
At10:00 pm EST, indications are that a multi state bright fireball event occured at roughly 9:45 pm EST (+-1hour) seen from primarily Indiana and Ohio. Other Inquiries indicate that this event was also observed from Michigan as well....Updates to follow.
Chicago Tribune...Meteor prompts sighting reports 11:42 p.m. CST, January 19, 2011
An unusually bright shooting star shot across the sky Wednesday night, prompting sighting reports from the Chicago area to Indiana, a local astronomer said. A green-tinted burst was reported.

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