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Possible Tioga PA Daylight Meteor ~2:00pm EST DEC30, 2010...

Just recieved this report from an ELPALLSKY reader:
Dec 30 2010, Posted at 9:14 PM
Guest900 (guest): Driving south on US Route 15 today at about 2:00pm EST my family and I saw a very bright flash as if something hit the ground next to the road. Then an explosion occurred that was felt inside the car as we were driving. Large 50 ft plus plume of smoke. We did not think to stop, but this was unusual. Not a firecracker. We were 1 - 1.5 miles north of scenic overlook at Tioga, PA, driving south on US route 15. 12/30/2010. Approx. 2:00pm EST. West side of the road. Anything reported in this area?

If you witnessed this event please post in my chat window. Thank You!

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