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"Mystery" Fireball Over Atlanta GA ?...Is No Mystery !

I'll preface this story with a few facts relevant to this "sighting". 1...The sun is nearly at it's lowest point in the sky for the season. 2...This "event" occured close to sunset in Atlanta. 3...toward the end of the video, available by going to http://www.ajc.com/video?bcpid=97471435001&bclid=1717763711&bctid=700744798001 another aircraft can be seen entering the frame from right to left looking very much like the object in question. So...without delay and considering all the above factors, ELPALLSKY can say, without a doubt, this is a man-made aircraft. Please note the "firey" appearance and slow movement in the video and use it for future reference. Full story available at http://www.ajc.com/news/dekalb/mystery-object-streaks-across-768562.html

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