11:17:00 AM

Meteor News...Another Florida Fireball

A Visitor To El Paso Allsky Camera Reports:
 I was searching to see if anyone else saw what I saw early this morning.A fireball light up the sky on Saturday, November,27th, 2010 @ 2:10am. I just happened to look up and caught something streaking across the sky. It had a long trail mostly orange(ish) and what looked like sparks and peices of fire. An object lead the way which looked twice the size of the trail in circumfrance and was very bright maybe orange/white/blueish.The thing is, it's movement was parallel to the horizon (left to right) and did not appear to be moving much faster than a plane would be. The trail was pretty long and there was a very bright flash of blue/white then it was gone. It looked exactly like a plane exploding. It appeared to be out over the gulf of Mexico. From my location (Parrish, FL.United States; south of Tampa) it was at 215 degrees S.W. with an elevation of approximately 40 degrees. I have NEVER seen anything like it in 36 years and I watch the night sky

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