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Update...Louisiana/ Mississippi Fireball Reports...

I was in Slidell Louisiana facing West. It looked like it was going straight down.  I’m not really sure of the direction it was in…I saw the fire ball burn white blue and a little red . It looked like a large meteor zipping out of the sky. Quite large when compared to a regular “shooting” star.
Carol Helbling

Guest359 (guest): Very bright like the moon but moving almost straight down.Blue and white for a few seconds. I was close to New Orleans.
Guest402 (guest): three witnessed the same thing at around the same time over central alabama. credible witnesses (attorneys) two trails, one reddish glowing, another more transluscent blue and faint. very distinctive, the trail/tail was visible for 15-30 minutes (seconds?) until disappeared over horizon.

Tamara Knowles Alexander City, Alabama said...
myself, husband all saw a similar thing, was more red-colored in main tail, but had thinner, bluer, more transparent tail.  was on phone with a friend, who stepped outside and confimed that he saw the same thing.  it lasted 15-30 minutes (seconds?) as it moved, and was moving in a westerly/northwesterly direction.

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