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Major Meteor Fireball Widely Seen over Eastern US 08DEC2011

10:31 P.M. CST-11:31 P.M. EST 08DEC2011
Captured by a Sandia Sentinel Fireball Camera-Lake Station, IN

From ELPALLSKY: 09DEC2011...
Although at a distance on the horizon from the camera, Sandia Sentinel Fireball Camera Operator Steve Witt posts this capture of the widely seen Eastern US fireball which occured at 04:31 UTC (10:31 pm CST-11:31 pm EST) on Dec 8, 2011. Eyewitness reports to ELPALLSKY follow Steve's video below. Thank you Steve, for your diligence!

Email From:
Michelle K.-Montello, WI:
I saw the same thing...it was a bright green ball with a green tail. I was traveling southeast in montello Wisconsin and the light traveled from left to right.

Anonymous Reporter:
A bright green burning meteor seen all over southern Illinois. Tons of people seen it falling in a bright green light then it exploded.

Jason B.-Chicago, IL:
around midnight 08dec11 over Chicago in southern sky a bright white fireball like a low plane came almost straight down from east to west lasting several seconds and breaking into 3 large white chunks with tails.

Pete & Ann O.-De Plaines, IL:
Great website!  My name is Pete and I was comming home from Wisconsin on 12-08-2011.  I was traveling Southbound on I-294 when around 8PM, I caught glimpse of a huge fireball!  I was on the Des Plaines, Illinois area of tollway when at the Eastern part of the sky, there was a bluish-green fireball that had a long tail that seemed to be breaking up.  It was traveling about -20* from horizontal and was twice as bright as Jupiter!!  I thought for sure I would see this on the news via landing in someone's backyard!


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