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Kansas Meteor Fireball 06DEC2011

Email From:
Mark R.-Pittsburg, KS
Bright fireball, which appeared to have struck the ground in SEK or SW Mo, spotted @23:47 cst through southeast window looking east southeast from 604 west Jefferson, Pittsburg KS.  Trajectory seemed nearly vertical. Experience was brief but vivid.  Thank you Mark! READERS...If you saw this fireball please share your details at wxtx01@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

approximately 1130 pm in white county indiana on rangeline road near hwy 18, i saw a very bright light coming from n.e. to s.w. low in the sky headed for impact with earth. just before it hit it turned bright blue. scared the hell out of me and i called 911.

Anonymous said...

My name is Daniel, I live in Monticello Kentucky, I saw what appeared to be a bright object lasting a about 2 sec falling from the sky.

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