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UPDATE!!!.....4TH Meteor Fireball Reported From North Carolina In 24 HRS 03DEC2011...Also Seen In Virginia, Tennessee

Email From:
Parks A.-Charlotte, NC:
Tonight in the southern horizon south of my location in Charlotte, NC about 630 or so. Fragmenting as it fell. Lasted about three seconds from my viewpoint.  Blueish green in color. An aquaintance in Winston Salem also spotted it also so I'm not sure how far south from Charlotte it was in reality. Heading from west to east.  Thank You Parks!!
UPDATE !!!!!! This event captured by NASA All Sky Fireball Camera
6:46 P.M. EST 03DEC2011

image above and video below courtesy NASA and Tellus Science Museum-Cartersville, GA


Jason W.
Saw the same thing as everyone else about the same time.   We were between Aurora and New Bern NC.

Patricia R.
Heading up Highway 86North, just crossed into Caswell County (NC) saw a very bright blue meteor.

Ramsey J.-Knoxville, TN
While driving southwards I saw a huge fireball fall from about 40 degrees above the horizon almost directly south (slightest towards the east) towards the horizon. It made it to about 10 degrees above the horizon before it blinked out. I live in the city and it was a little hazy last night, but it was hard to miss, so must have been a bright one! It was a sea green color.

Michele B.
I came across your sight trying to research what I may have seen last night. I tried to sign up so I could post, but wasn't able to do that. Approximately 7 p.m. EST in Frankfort, Kentucky on Saturday December 3, 2011, I was walking my dog and saw what looked like a small bright white burning particle falling down vertically (very much at an angle) from apprx. east to west. This was about 1/4 a mile from I-64. Where I live has no street lights and this was right across the street in a field. It appeared to burn out before it hit the ground. This is fascinating - any idea what it was that I saw?

Stanley G.
Atlanta,I85 northbound about 6:45 pm. My first  thought was an airliner was falling out of the sky, but it was way too fast. Very bright  with a comet like tail, lasting a few seconds before flaming out. Seen lots of sho oting stars in my 72 years, never anything this bright or large. Expected to here on news about space debris of some sort. NOTA!

Carolyn J.-Ft. Blackmore, VA-~7:00 P.M. EST
Saw a huge green fireball falling very quickly in the eastern sky, probably lasted about 3 seconds before it went out of sight over the mountains.  Very impressive!

Brenda-Panther Stadium-Charlotte, NC:
Hi.  Friend and I both saw fireball while standing outside Panther Stadium Saturday evening a little before 7pm.  It was quite large and orange, not a typical shooting star.  Quite exciting!

Andy & Laurel B.-Dacula, GA-6:45 P.M. EST:
Driving on Hamilton Mill Road and saw it trailing downward in the southern sky... Very bright and moving very fast... Left like a dotted illuminated line in the sky toward the end of it... Lasted for at least 3 seconds... I haven't seen anything that bright in the sky since the soviet missile back in the late 80's... But this was moving much faster than that.

Samantha C.-Del Rio, TN:
We saw a very bright sparkly orange light appearing to be larger than a normal shooting star Dec 3, 2011 at around 6:40 pm. We were driving on Old 15th Road, Del Rio TN. We were heading east. It appeared to be headed in an easterly direction. This light was bigger then anything I have ever seen. It was sparkly in nature, and did not have any trailing light than I am used to seeing. It looked like a mixture of orange and white sparkles. And it was so fast it only stayed in our view for less then a second. But so big it was very hard to miss.

Pamela M.-Irmo, SC:
Hi: My children age 11  and 14, where the very luck viewers of the meteroite that was seen by others in the SC, NC, VR, TN area!  I believe we may have been the closest viewers as my kids remarked that this meterorite was shockingly large!  It frieghtened them!  I'd like to ask you about sites or further information on estimating distance when viewing a meterorite falling! Here's a description for posting on your site!

According to Amelia who is 14 and witnessed this amazing site with 11 year old brother John. On December 3, 2011 about 6:40 PM, Amelia and John had just exited the front door of our home to go to a neighbors house.  I have carefully determined they were facing south-south west, looking up into the sky, a very large fire ball traveling north-west to south-east became visible. The fire ball appeared enormous to them and was a large glowing white ball ringed in red fire.  The ball was followed by a large long thick bright tail, that gradiated from red to orange and then yellow towards the end of the tail.  It entered their vision on a diagonal in relation to them (over the shoulder feeling) traveling sort of paralell to the horizon as they viewed it.  Using the horizon as a parallel (arm stretched straight forward fingers pointing straight and over head being 90 degrees, the meteor was at 50 degrees in the sky.  The meteor appeared large in size seeming slightly smaller than the moon would appear if that low in the sky on nights when it is full (though the moon was not full that night).  The tail was unusually thick and extremely and surprisingly long, being about 20 times longer than the meteor. The meteor traveled a short distance and stalled in forward momentum as a result of breaking into two fiery pieces and the tail dissipated.  Then it broke into two more pieces and fizzled and disappeared.

From The ELPALLSKY Chatbox:
Dec 3 2011, 6:37 PM Zebrology (guest):
I'm in Concord, NC and I saw a huge ball in the sky with fire tracking behind it. It was only in the sky for a few seconds and it just disappeared.

Dec 4 2011, 3:41 PM Guest99 (guest):
Last night, Dec 3rd, at 6:40 pm, while traveling out of Salisbury, Nc headed towards Charlotte, South on I85, my Mom & I saw what looked like a large fireball falling from the sky. At first I was certain it was a plane crashing, it was very bright (white) with obvious flames streaming behind it, traveling too fast for any plane in retrospect. It was about a 5 second lapse before it started to break apart & at least one large portion fell off and disintegrated as it fell. My son was very frightened (he is 6 
Dec 4 2011, 5:37 AM Dan Parker:
witnessed a large green meteor/fireball on Dec 3rd 2011 in Greenville SC. It was traveling roughly east to west with a duration of 2-3 seconds. It broke into 2-3 large pieces. I have never seen such a large and beautiful meteor in my life! Between 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm EST


Anonymous said...

I am in Salisbury, NC and it appeared to be right over us, although I know that is not true, I have NEVER seen anything like it in my entire life!! It looked as if a jet plane were burning on the way down right over our heads coming down 85S going towards Charlotte at right at 6:40pm this evening. I could actually see flames trailing behind what looked like a fireball as large as a jet plane.

Bob said...

12/02/2011 @6:15pm firball from East from Charlotte NC to Southwest. It appeared to mirror aircraft approach pattern to Charlotte over Union SC,ie it was traveling away from Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

I spotted the same thing when I was at 421 and 77 at the same time.

cfrisch said...

I saw 4 in the southern sky from Germantown (south of Dayton)Ohio on Dec 3,2011. One fell real fast, I thought it was a falling star. Then 3 more fell real slow and weaved in and out of each other. They looked like fireballs. Germantown is mostly farmland and they were easy to see because of no street lights.

Psychodelic-Suz said...

I saw mine on Friday (12/2) night in Alamance Co, NC, from my patio. It was between 9-10p, low on the horizon, moving at a relatively slow steady pace and then seemed to flicker out at the end of its path. I enjoyed it for a bit as it traveled from north to south from my position. So many meteors I have seen move quickly. This one I could have said, "LOOK", and someone else would have been able to turn and still see it. A very cool experience.

Anonymous said...

I saw it from south Charlotte around Woodlawn, very bright then looked like it broke down into 3 big pieces and burned out, very cool

Amanda said...

I was driving southbound on South Blvd. in Charlotte NC around 6:40pm and saw a fiery looking object (which I originally thought was an airplane) traveling through the sky. I realized it was not a plane when I saw it split into two pieces and disappear.

Anonymous said...

Saw it while out at Stone Mountain near Atlanta. Broke into several pieces before dropping below the tree line.

Anonymous said...

My son and I saw the same thing driving up Hwy. 16 in Denver,NC. All of a sudden my son said what the heck is that and as I turned and looked out the driver side window this large blueish-green ball went flying toward the ground. It was beautiful and amazing.

squeakyclean said...

We saw a meteor from Irmo, SC in another direction -- outside of Columbia, SC on Dec. 3, 2011 about 6:40 PM.

According to Amelia who is 14 and witnessed this amazing site with 11 year old brother John.

Facing south-south west, looking up into the sky, a very large fire ball traveling north west to south east was visible.

The fire ball was ringed in red with a bright glowing white interior, followed by a bright red tail, that turned orange and then yellow towards the end of the tail. With the horizon as a parallel and over head being 90 degrees, the meteor was at 60 degrees in the sky. The meteor appeared large in size seeming slightly smaller than the moon. The tale was unusually thick and extremely and surprisingly long being 20 times longer than the meteor.

The meteor traveled a short distance and stalled as it broke into two fiery pieces and the tale dissipated. Then it broke into two more pieces and fizzled.

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